Her Flirty Eyes and Heavenly Voice Will Make You Melt.
- Associated Press

Promenade - City Center


New York Times

"I instantly wanted to see more ...

Ditto Carmen Ruby Floyd, as Miss I, who unleashes an astonishing voice in A Flower,” 

New York Theatre

 "even operatic - a stand-out moment: Carmen Ruby Floyd singing 

A Flower,”

New York Stage Review

"...airing their wares one after another—Carmen Ruby Floyd -  particularly impressive and may cause severe damage to City Center rafters ..."

Broadway World

"Carmen Ruby Floyd's exquisite soprano enhancing the aria of dissatisfaction, 'A Flower'."

After Midnight


New York Times

"Ellington's lyric-free but gorgeous "Creole Love Call" is delivered by Carmen Ruby Floyd with hypnotic simplicity, her voice taking flight in tandem with swooning melody, which seems to glimmer visibly in the air before you." 

New York Theatre Guide

"And Carmen Ruby Floyd, given Ellington's "Creole Love Call' not only caresses the melody with the utmost expressiveness and beauty of tone, but leaves no doubt in her eyes and face as to what the wordless song means: She's in love, and it's bliss."

Show Business

"Carmen Ruby Floyd's flawless rendition of Duke Ellington's "Creole Love Call". Her voice, one with superhuman rangeI might add, simultaneously floats through the air and pierces into the audience, and there's no need for lyrics with her sly smile and dramatic eyes telling the story."

Associated Press

"Carmen Ruby Floyd never sings a word in her song- "Creole Love Call" - but her flirty eyes and heavenly voice will make you melt."

Rolling Out

"Carmen Ruby Floyd who performed "Creole Love Call', hit notes that tap-danced on the soul."

Broadway Blog

"Another vocal standout is Carmen Ruby Floyd whose captivating Creole Love Call put an end to any debate over whether females are the more powerful sex."

Cotton Club Parade


New York Times

"Ellington’s wordless “Creole Love Call,” crooned by Carmen Ruby Floyd, has an eerie, supernatural beauty."


"Carmen Ruby Floyd is practically another instrument in the band as she sings a haunting 'Creole Love Call' " (Ellington)

Cabaret Scenes

"A nod went to Ellington’s songbird, Adelaide Hall, as Carmen Ruby Floyd vocalized fluently to Ellington’s haunting 'Creole Love Call'."


"Carmen Ruby Floyd’s sultry vocalise version of Creole Love Song (sung without words) expressing “how she likes ‘it’ done”;"

Langtons' Little Ham


New York Times

"The swagger and big voice of Carmen Ruby Floyd...providing a shot of star quality and star charisma. Ms. Floyd, who has the biggest and most compelling voice among the talented singers in the cast, is also the soloist on ''Big Ideas,'' a heartbreaking second-act showstopper about loneliness."

Curtain Up

"The strongest voice in the show belongs to Carmen Ruby Floyd who plays Tiny Lee, Ham's love interest. When Floyd belts her songs, Merman, watch out!' 


"Best of all is Tiny’s “Big Ideas”..sung by Floyd with wistfulness and eventually giant powerful belt...leaves you wanting nothing but more."


"The lovely Carmen Ruby Floyd gives a subtly sassy performance as the strong-willed and upstanding Miss Tiny Lee."

Little Miss Sunshine



"Carmen Ruby Floyd gets laughs as a 'bereavement liaison'"

San Diego Theater Examiner

"Carmen Ruby Floyd as the least comforting comfort counselor ever"



Wolf Entertainment Guide

"Carmen Ruby Floyd has big eyes, an expressive face and sure knows how to move her hips. Floyd is quietly rebellious as the initially skeptical looking Yolanda."

NY Theatre

"Carmen Ruby Floyd is appealing as the young emigrant."

Village Voice

"...Carmen Ruby Floyd’s touching performance..."